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We believe that building or remodeling your home should be an enjoyable, exciting process. Where else do you spent that kind of money and not have a good time!?! We achieve that goal by approaching everything we do with excellence: communication, documentation, execution/implementation, and setting expectations. The end result is our passion and craft - creating homes that are more: efficient, comfortable, healthy, beautiful, durable, timely, and having clients that still love us!

Mezger Homes has simplified the construction experience using the latest technology including software-based project management and scheduling tools, cloud-based electronic filing and documentation systems, and digital quality control and communication procedures. By adding this structure to an often unstructured construction industry, our clients experience less stress, faster build times, better value, and more fun!


Mezger Homes is proud to be part of the nation’s #1 green building program. Austin Energy® Green Building has led the way in Austin’s quest for sustainability. AEGB’s mission is to lead the transformation of the building industry to a sustainable future. AEGB does this by shaping city policies and energy codes, along with raising public awareness and creating demand for sustainable building practices. AEGB was the first Green Building program in the country and is still the largest and most successful. AEGB serves as a model for other cities and has helped other municipalities and utilities create their own green building programs.

Why Build Green?