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Since we do our air sealing on the outside using @huberwood ‘s Zip sheathing, we can do this cost conscience insulation method giving our clients wonderful performance. R-19 @owens.corning fiberglass batts and 7” of open-cell foam on the cathedral ceiling. - - - #costeffective #austincustombuilder #airtight #greenbuilding #indoorairquality

I thought this faux fireplace was really cool. It uses light and vapor to simulate fire. It was just as captivating as real fire to watch. #ibs2019 The International Builders' Show (IBS)

Great presentation with @aerobarrier at the @owens.corning booth. This product is a game changer in #airsealing your homes. This translates to healthier more comfortable homes. - - - #ibs2019 @intlbuildersshow

One cool thing I saw at the The International Builders' Show (IBS) #ibs2019 today. Falling water drops making art!

It’s almost here! Very excited to be taking my team to the @intlbuildersshow in Vegas next week. Get ready for a lot of posting, I’m sure it’s going to be overload. #ibs2019

Wednesday isn’t hump day, it’s pump day!! Pour 2 of 3 on our Rollingwood project with @pauldegroot928 architecture. What a beautiful day in #austin !! - - - #concrete #concretepumping #austincustombuilder @ Rollingwood, Texas

Here are some shots of a snap-tie system for forming concrete walls. Once the wall is poured and the forms stripped, that loop in the tie is twisted and breaks off a few inches in the concrete. The cone recess can then grouted over if desired. - - #concrete #austincustombuilder @ Austin, Texas

###not our job###. Ever wonder why re-bar needs to have a minimum amount of concrete embedment on all sides (called cover)? (Probably not 🤓 but if you ever have...) TO PREVENT THIS!!! * Where we build the minimum cover is 2” to prevent what is called spalling and if your not watching the pour closely, this could easily happen and not get noticed for 10+ years. * A neighbor asked me to come take a look at this. I bet the steel beam cage got pushed over by the force of the wet concrete being poured and basically rested on the form boards. Look at the angle of the stirrup for a clue, that was supposed to be vertical. * #buildingsciencefightclub #buildingscience #concreteplacement @ Austin, Texas

So true from @stevenbaczekarchitect It takes teamwork to make the dream work. * * #Repost @stevenbaczekarchitect with @get_repost ・・・ I THINK, we can all agree, its a tough business, and anything attempted "solo" makes it the hardest road. Me personally, I like choices that ease the road, and putting myself in the best position for success. We all have a beneficial level of knowledge that can work in collusion very well with others knowledge to simply improve the success level. Likewise we all have a set of execution parameters that suggest if " we do our job" , then success is not far away. But in our business, that success relies on those we choose to associate with too. There are hundreds of books out there that will outline concepts of successful execution, but for me it boils down to "sandbox" logic - SHARING AND CARING........Long Live Our Buildings #sandbox #lovewhatyoudo #longliveourbuildings #philosophy #success #execution #knowledge #sharing #caring

Here’s one of our standard details. @huberwood #zipsheathing with their taped seams and @siga_north_america Fentrim F tape at the foundation for #airsealing. We also always try to have the face of the sheathing line up with the foundation. * * * #rollthetape #energyefficient #highperformancebuilding #watchthedetails

Step 1: Dig a really big hole Step 2: Start filling said hole with better stuff. - The weather is finally cooperating with us so we can make some progress with our @clark_richardson_architects Crestvale project. The expansive clay had to go. Every home starts with a good foundation.