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I was using #googlestreetview to verify some things with a project we are about to start and saw that the geotech drilling was happening the day the google car drove by. #prettyneat

So my favorite parts of our #goresidenceatx with @mf.architecture and @studiotupelo were the bathrooms! 👌🏻 @barrettflooringdesign @architecturaltileandstone #austinwoodworks @annsacks_atx @clayimports @ Austin, Texas

#moveinday !!!!!!! * * * This is what it’s all about for my team and me. Our @mf.architecture #goresidenceatx is complete and happy clients are moving in. Couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of all of our subcontractors and a my amazing PM @juniorgolfdad for #gettinerdone

These @western_window_systems beauties are going in at our @fab_architecture_austin project in Crestview. @architectural_impressions is killing it on the install details on the big multi slides!

Our team did it again! Another great blower door test in the books at our @mf.architecture #GOresidenceatx project. I know it’s not passive house standards 🙄 but this was accomplished using pretty standard inexpensive methods and really paying attention to the details. This will translate into lower energy bills for the life of the structure, not to mention better indoor air quality, comfort, less bugs... Shout out to my PM @juniorgolfdad for making it happen! #energyefficiency #greenbuilding #buildingscience @buildingsciencefightclub